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GPA offers archived webinars for grant professionals. These webinars were live on the date listed in the webinar's description and are now available as archived recordings. The webinars are free for members and $49 for non-members. Each webinar is worth 1 CE credit upon registration for the GPC Credential. The GPA Archived Webinar page is currently under construction. In the meantime, below is a list of our archived webinars. To receive a webinar, please email with the name of the webinar you wish to receive and GPA staff will send you an email with the recording and handouts within 72 hours.

Program Evaluation: So Much More than Success or Failure
Predominately Undergraduate Institutions: Breaking Down Barriers, Motivating Faculty, and Building a Successful Grants Program
Partnering with our Peers for Success
Nothing About Us Without Us: Stakeholder Engagement and Grant Seeking
Moving from Outputs to Outcomes: Approaches for Nonprofit Program Evaluation
Mentor and Mentoring - The Bridge to Successful Grant Writers
Making Your Data Count: Using Evidenced-Based Measures to Get Grants and Leverage Resources
It Takes an Agency: How Nonprofit Leaders Can Create Environments that Foster Grant Seeking Success
Having Trouble Getting What You Need? Try Managing Up
Grant Funding for Education and Public Safety
From Competitor to Collaborator
Finding a Qualified Evaluator at the Proposal Stage
Evaluation Plan Boot Camp
Collaborative Grant Writing: Translate Theory into Practice
Collaborative Grant Writing: Playing Well With Other Grant Professionals
Collaborating with Partners on Join Grants: Do's and Don'ts
Creating One Page Reports
Ask An Evaluator

Federal Grants
What's Risk (and Integrity) Got To Do With It?
The Many Faces of Federal Funding and Accountability
The Federal Research Budget Outlook
The Challenges of Transparency - How the DATA Act and the GREAT Act will transform federal grant reporting
Reading Uncle Sam's Mind: 7 Secrets of Grant Management for Federal Grant Writers
OMB Grant Reform: From Compliance to Performance
Indirect Costs Under the Uniform Guidance
From A-133 to Subpart F - It's a Single Audit Mash-up
Dial M for Memo
Data Mining for Grants
Data for Dollar$$: Tell a Story with Census Data
Data for Dollar$$: How to Access Census Data
DATA Act - Rewired

Grant Consulting
Top Five Things New Consultants Ask
So, You Want to Be A Consultant (Two Part Series - For Intermediate & Advanced Professionals)
So, You Want to Be a Consultant (Beginners)
Riding the Wave of Consulting
Protecting Your Time: A Consultant's Strategy for the Non-Grant Ready
Is Consulting Your Next Calling?
DIY Project Management Tools for Grant Professionals
Consulting for Introverts

Grant Management & Budgets
Write a Grant in One Business Day
Understanding Financial Statements without Going Bald
Storytelling with Financials
Proposal Budget Design for Grants
Legislative and Policy Changes: Using Evidenced-Based Measures to Get Grants and Leverage Resources
It It Time for a Development Audit?
How to Plan, Organize, and Facilitate a Post-Award Kickoff Meeting
Hit by a Bus: Writing a budget that tells a story long after you're gone
Got the Grant, Now What?
Effective Foundation Fundraising
Building the "Total Value" Budget
Building Better Proposal Budgets
After the Award: A Grant Kickoff Process for Fewer Headaches and Happier Funders

The Value of Doing Good
The Historical Role of a Grant Writer
The Accidental Project Manager: Managing Work in an Uncertain Time
Let's Get Ethical
Holistic Grant Development: Using Your Multiple Intelligences in Work and Life
Grant Professional As Strategic Leader: Your Crucial Role
Grant Mistakes: Lessong From Experience Grant Professionals
GPC Virtual Study Groups: How to Plan, Faciliatate, and Participate
FIRE and ICE: The Surprising Marriage Between Grantsmanship and Traditional Fundraising
Deadlines, Stress and Your Health: Why Self-Care Matters
Clean Your Grant Seeking Office and Raise More Money

Proposal Development & Communication Strategies
Writing Your Goals and Objectives Right!
Writing With Passion and Power: An Essential Leadership Skill
Work Smarter, Not Harder: Strategically Planning Your Grant Proposals
What am I Measuring? The Construction of Variables and Their Utilization to Improve Program Development and Program Assessment
Using Arguments to Improve Your Grant Application
The Power of Social Networks: Pre through Post Grant Award
The Narrative Thread in your Grant Proposal: Telling a Compelling Story without Writing Fiction
The Logic Behind the Logic Model: Essentials for a Rock-Solid Project Plan
The Development Plan - The Foundation of Success
Telling Your Story By The Numbers: Using Needs Assessments to Win More Grants
Telling Your Story By The Numbers: Developing a Compelling, Evidenced-Based Statement of Need
Strategies for Clearly Communicating Your Impact
Presentation Skills for Grant Writers
Organizational Development: Are You Grant-Ready?
On-the-Spot Logic Models
Milestones in Developing a Grant Ready Nonprofit Series: Establishing the Right Grants Mentality in Your Organization
Measuring the Effect of Your Programs
Make Your Proposal Shine!
Let's Get Down to Business! A Case Study of a Small Business Engagement
Learning to Answers the Sustainability Question
Leading from the Bottom
How to Spread Ideas with Storytelling: Getting People from Passive to Passionate
Grants: Tips & Tricks from the Foundation Side
Grants as Part of Your Capital Campaign?
Grant Readiness Score: Case Studies, Averages, and Lessons Learned through the GRASP Tool
Grant Readiness: Beyond Wanting Grant Revenue
Grant Proposal Feedback Clinic
From a Reviewer's Perspective: What Can Make or Break a Proposal
For-Profit Funding: Why For-Profit Companies Need Grants Too!
Effective Pre-Planning for Grant Applications
Dollars and Sense: The Essential Questions for Nonprofits Sustainability
Developing Meaningful Outcome Objectives for Grant Proposals
Demystifying the Logic Model
Creating Dashboards for Grants Development and Management
Crafting Grant Language to Increase Funding Success
Census Bureau Data for Grant Writers
Capital Campaigns and Grants: Learn the 5 Essential Elements
Being Agile in Your Grant Application Process: Utilizing SCRUM
Battling the Grantwriters Conundrum: When the Grantwriter Has to (Help) Plan Programs
Advanced SearchTechniques for Grant Writers: Adding More Depth to Your Statement of Need

Prospect Research/Donor Relations
Vetting for Success: Grant Seeing Skills
Using Keywords Across Multiple Databases to Find Your BFFs (Best Fit Funders)
The Perfect Match: Identifying, Assessing, and Building Relationships with Potential Funders
Successful Grant Research: Finding RFPs that Meet Your Needs
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Utility of Grant Prospecting Databases
Signing More Sponsors - The New Rules to Stand Out & Engage Corporate Partners
Increasing Grant Revenue: Focusing on Improving Funder Relationships
I'm Confused: What Research Does and Does Not Tell Us
I Fundraise Like a GENIUS
Help! They Want Me to Fundraise
Harnessing the Power of Social Media for the Grant Professional
Grant Search and Strategy Techniques (Parts One and Two)
Funders are People, Too: How to Build Relationships with Grant Makers through Authentic Cultivation
Foundations and Corporate Donors: Creating Individualized Strategies that Work!
Cultivation: How to Build Lasting Relationships with Grant Makers
Can Our Board Help Us Get Grants? Yes They Can!
10 Ways to Help Improve Relationships with Grantors