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GPA President's Award
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The GPA President’s Award acknowledges the profound appreciation for the recipient’s efforts to advance the Grant Professional Association, grants profession, and the community through their outstanding dedication and leadership during the president’s term. The President’s Award bestows special recognition to a person, who in the course of their work and service, has demonstrated high ethical standards and remarkable contributions to the grant profession.

2019 GPA President's Award Recipient
Tammy Tilzey - Idaho

From 2019 GPA Board President, Jo Miller:
The individual receiving the 2019 President’s Award works behind the scenes in generous, kind, intelligent, dependable, innovative, and purposeful ways that often go unnoticed because she downplays her hard work and makes it look and feel easy. At the very heart of it, she genuinely wants to be of service and to improve processes, organizations, and lives. Our lives.

She exemplifies what it means to be a servant leader. The servant leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. She is committed to the growth and development of the profession, our association, of people and building community.

Her expertise, experience, drive, warmth, and humor have made her a ‘go-to’ volunteer, constantly recruited, and willing to serve in pivotal roles. She is driven to understand and solve challenges. And, as one GPA staff member said to me, she is all of this and more – and she never asks for anything in return.

The 2019 President’s Award recipient is Tammy Tilzey.

I met Tammy during my first year on the board at an annual conference. From the moment I met Tammy, I knew she would impact my life and my leadership. What you may not know, is that Tammy has served the GPA, GPCI, individual grant professionals, and the profession in ways that impact each of you. Tammy’s energy, ideas, and commitment to GPA’s ideals have elevated the value, stance, and reputation of the grant profession and the Grant Professional Association.

Tammy is the Director of Foundant for Grantseekers. She has a background in technology, data systems, project development and management, and marketing. She uses her unique skills and expertise to serve our profession. Tammy’s approach to her work and service is to get to know you. You – the grant seeker. You – the lone grant professional. You – the funder. You – the grant manager. You – the GPA staff member.  You – the grant consultant and business owner. You – the passionate nonprofit leader. You – the GPA member. You – just you. Her goal is to help. She does this through her volunteer and leadership service, in listening and designing tools that meet the needs of grant professionals and the organizations they serve, and in raising awareness about the grant profession and the Grant Professionals Association with foundations and nonprofits.

Tammy is a person who lives her life by constantly asking – how can I be of service? How can I help you?  And she follows through with a balance of heart and understanding and strategy and action.

GPA is grateful to Tammy Tilzey for her outstanding service, dedication, and leadership.
It is with the deepest gratitude and privilege that I present the President’s Award to Tammy Tilzey.


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