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Article Submission Policy

GPA Article Submission Policy

Approved 2/22/2020



The Grant Professionals Association (GPA) publishes three publications to serve the grant professional community: the GPA Grant News, GPA Strategy Papers, and Journal of the Grant Professionals Association. All three publications are managed by the GPA Publications Committee. General article submission policies apply to all three publications, as detailed in this policy; in addition, each publication has publication-specific article submission instructions and requirements.


This Article Submission Policy applies to all current and future published works of the GPA managed by the GPA Publications Committee. The purpose of this policy is to state the general article submission principles for all publications under the GPA Publications Committee to prospective authors, association stakeholders, including members of the GPA Board of Directors, association staff and association members; affiliate groups, sponsors and funders; other partners; and members of the grants community at large.

At the time of submitting an article proposal or manuscript to GPA, prospective authors must confirm they have reviewed and accepted this policy and have submitted any appropriate additional information as required below.

Submission Requirements

Detailed requirements for submitting an article proposal to each publication are published on GPA’s website at The submission requirements are different for each publication, may change periodically, and are updated periodically on the GPA website. The GPA Publications Committee reviews these requirements at least once per year and updates the website accordingly. All authors must follow the stated submission instructions. GPA may return the submission to the author if instructions are not followed.


All proposed article topics must be relevant to the grants profession and/or fall under one of the published competencies of the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI). All article proposal topics must be responsive to any specific instructions in the publication instructions. All article topics must be professional in nature and suitable for publication.

Original Work

All articles submitted to the GPA Publications Committee must be the original work of the author(s), unless otherwise specified. All articles must include appropriate citations to reference work other than the author’s, using citation reference style and requirements outlined in the submission instructions for each publication.


For peer-reviewed publications, the GPA Publications Committee keeps confidential the author names, article content, and status of review throughout the process after article proposal submission until publication. This information is used by members of the Publication Committee to manage the article preparation, review, and editing processes. Committee members and any other individuals engaged in these processes must agree to keep this information confidential. Peer reviewers receive only anonymous versions of articles and are required to keep the content confidential. (See Peer Review Policy for details on confidentiality and anonymity during the peer review process.) The authors of articles in process are expected to keep confidential their article topic, content, and status of review.

For publications that are not peer-reviewed, such as the GPA Grant News, a list or calendar of planned articles and authors may be openly available.

Proprietary Materials

In submitting an article proposal, the author(s) confirms, to the best of his/her knowledge, that the proposed article topic and the data, findings, and other information in the proposed article do not constitute or disclose proprietary information of either the author nor of another individual or organization. If the article topic contains data, findings, or other information related to the author’s employing institution, the author must abide by any appropriate policies of that institution with regard to presentation of such information to entities outside the institution. If the author wishes to release proprietary information, he/she must notify the publication editor in writing and include written permission from the owner of the proprietary information and clearly denote in the article the portion of the article that contains proprietary information.

Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure of Relationships

At the time of submitting an article proposal, authors must declare any actual, perceived, or potential conflicts of interest related to the article topic or to submission of the article proposal. These conflicts of interests must be declared in writing at the time of submission of the article proposal. If, during the article preparation process, the author subsequently determines that any new potential conflicts of interest have emerged, the author must disclose these to the editor of the appropriate publication.

At the time of submitting an article proposal, authors must also disclose any relationships the GPA Publications Committee should be aware of. This may include board, committee, or volunteer relationships with GPA or its affiliated organizations (e.g., GPCI, GPF); relationships as a GPA Approved Trainer; or any other relationships relevant to the nature of the article. If, during the article preparation process, the author subsequently determines new or other relationships have emerged or developed, the author must disclose these to the editor of the appropriate publication.

The Publications Committee encourages authors to disclose any potentially relevant relationships. The Committee will specifically request such information in its article review process to encourage such disclosures. To be clear, disclosure of relationships does not necessarily impact publication status, but rather is information used by the committee to ensure the integrity of the article review process and to remove or reduce the instances of any potentially overlapping relationships during that process.

Decision to Publish
GPA appreciates the work and time it takes to write an article for publication. However, submitting an article proposal or manuscript to GPA does not obligate GPA to publish it. Articles will be published at the sole judgment of GPA Publications Committee. GPA reserves the right to send articles for external review (required for peer-reviewed publications), to request revisions from the author, and to copy edit each article for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other elements prior to publication. If an article is not accepted for publication, the relevant publication editor will provide feedback to the author, including any information on the potential to revise and resubmit the article for future consideration. If the article is published by GPA, the original author is free to post or publish the work in other places after the article has been published by GPA, with attribution to the GPA publication as the first publisher. All submissions, if published by GPA, become the property of GPA and require reprint permission from GPA. (See Work for Hire Policy for details.)