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We believe you will find these books helpful in doing your job. Each book is linked to GPA's Amazon Associates account. When you click on a book icon, it will take you to (within the GPA account). You will be able to purchase the book and GPA will receive a portion of the revenue of the book sale(s). Support GPA and purchase a book today!

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90 Days to Success in Grant Writing, 1st Edition
By: Timothy Kachinske and Judith Kachinske

With ever-increasing competition among organizations for donor dollars, developing fundraising skills is the key to survival and success in today's not-for-profit environment. "90 Days to Success in Grant Writing" is designed to guide novice grant proposal writers step by step through the basic skills, techniques, and thought processes of a highly successful grant writer. Discover the research and cultivation strategies that lay the groundwork for successful grant applications. Follow the processes of outlining, writing, submitting, and reporting on a variety of typical grant proposals. "90 Days to Success in Grant Writing" provides an informative and entertaining read while presenting tools, resources, examples, and thought-provoking concepts in a manner that new grant writers can implement right away to ensure success on the job.

101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers
By: Veronica Robbins

In 101 Tips for Aspiring Grant Writers, you get access to the tips and secrets of a highly successful professional grant writer. The tips are divided into categories that walk you through a typical grant proposal: General Tips, Expressing Need, Goals and Objectives, Program Design, Management Plan, Personnel, Evaluation, Budget, Editing, Formatting, Assembly and Mailing, Ethics, and Finding Grants. This is the book you would read cover to cover as you get started with grant writing and keep next to your computer as a reference to help you as your work your way through a proposal. Whether you are a newcomer to grant writing or a seasoned veteran, there are tips in this book that will benefit your work.


Best Practice in Grant Seeking: Beyond the Proposal
By: Saadia Faruqi

Best Practices in Grant Seeking: Beyond the Proposal explores how to involve an organization s leadership in the grant seeking process, and how to work together with staff from public relations, program,s and even other fundraising areas, to make the grant proposal process more fruitful.


Collaboration in Grant Development and Management
By: Thompson Publishing
Dr. Karen Stinson and Dr. Phyl Renninger

Whether you’re in a collaborative group and working in state and local governments, universities or colleges, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, K-12 education, this book is for you.

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Confessions of a Successful Grants Writer: A Complete Guide to Discovering and Obtaining Funding
By: Joanne Oppelt
Published By: Charity Channel Press

Confessions of a Successful Grants Writer will help you to: Understand various funder motivations; relate to funders in language they understand; discover new prospects; build successful relationships; write proposal narratives; present effective budgets; work with organizational and program staff; and position you and your agency for success.


Demystifying Grant Seeking: What You Really Need to Do to Get Grants
By: Larissa Golden Brown and Martin John Brown

Demystifying Grantseeking is an inspirational and instructional guide to grantseeking. The authors--successful grantseekers in their own right--show you how to overcome the common fears fundraisers often experience and offer sound, practical advice to successful grantseeking. The book provides you with a systematic and logical way of searching for grants, and helps to identify which foundations to approach so fundraisers don't waste time on dead-end proposals.

Grant Proposal Makeover: Transform Your Request from No to Yes
By: Cheryl A. Clarke and Susan P. Fox

Grant Proposal Makeover shows how to transform lackluster proposals into excellent ones–that have the potential to be funded.


Grant Writing 101: Everything You Need to Start Raising Funds Today
By: Victoria M. Johnson

A Crash Course in Writing Powerful Persuasive Grants! Grant Writing 101 offers quick and easy tactics for getting the funding you need - right now!


Grant Writing DeMYSTiFied
By: Mary Ann Payne

Create the perfect proposal to win funding for your ideas and plans



Grant Writing for Dummies, 4th Edition (Paperback), 3rd Edition (Kindle)
By: Beverly Browning

An all-in-one guide to locating and securing available grants



Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secrets
By: Jana Jane Hexter


This book contains the wisdom of 25 top grant writers who collectively raised $1.7 billion dollars during their careers, with over 400 years of combined writing experience on more than 24,000 grant proposals. In interviews with the author, they generously shared what they do, what they don?t do, and how they operate to consistently win.


Available 9/1/2012

Grantwriting Beyond the Basics (Book 1): Proven Strategies Professionals Use to Make Their Proposals Work
By: Michael K. Wells, CFRE

Grantwriting Beyond the Basics is the first book in a series being designed to inspire grantwriters to take their grant development strategies to the next level.


Guide to Federal Funding for Governments & Nonprofits - Subscription
By: Thompson Publishing

The Guide to Federal Funding for Government and Nonprofits offers fast, easy access to current, precise funding information on more than 750 federal grant-making programs — all grouped by function, not by agency. The one source that uncovers millions of federal grant dollars.

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Local/State Funding Report ONLINE Subscription
By: Thompson Publishing

Local/State Funding Report is organized for busy grantseekers and grant managers like you. Every issue gives you critical perspectives, carefully checked facts and figures, and e-mail alerts on the latest grant headlines, including emergency and disaster aid... welfare reform... crime reduction... energy assistance... child and senior care... health care... housing and homeless assistance... community development and many more!

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Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals
By: Darian Rodriguez Heyman

This handbook can educate and empower a whole generation of nonprofit leaders and professionals by bringing together top experts in the field to share their knowledge and wisdom gained through experience.


Perfect Phrases for Writing Grant Proposals
By: Beverly Browning

The Right Phrase for Every Situation…Every Time


Proposal Planning & Writing
By: Jeremy Miner and Lynne Miner

In a world of limited funding, grantseeking is extremely competitive. Now in its 4th edition, this standard guide to proposal planning and writing offers new information and examples to help grantseekers in the Internet age. New to this book are updated websites, including 25% more than in the last edition. In response to user feedback, this updated volume also provides more examples of successful proposals, including 9 letter proposals, complete with annotations. The book also offers expanded information on evaluation and outcome assessments, which are key to obtaining grants. Finally, the book gives an extended discussion of project sustainability after grant support runs out, a factor critical to successful applications.

Questions & Answers for the Grant Professional: Achieving Excellence
By: Thompson Publishing
Dr. Karen Stinson and Dr. Phyl Renninger

Questions & Answers for the Grant Professional: Achieving Excellence is designed to address all questions that a grant professional, seeking to improve his professional competency and employability, will have. The book explains in detail each topic area grant professionals must understand, demonstrate, master and employ to succeed in their jobs.

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References in Grant Development and Management
By: Thompson Publishing
Dr. Karen Stinson and Dr. Phyl Renninger

References in Grant Development and Management is a desktop cheat-sheet for grant professionals — grantseekers, grants managers or others involved in obtaining, managing or closing out federal, state, foundation and corporate grants. This book gives readers a comprehensive listing of common grant-related terms along with examples, so it can serve as a readily available resource for a new staff person or as a quick reference to explain a concept or issue.

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Storytelling for Grantseekers: A Guide to Creative Nonprofit Fundraising - 2nd Edition
By: Cheryl A. Clarke

This book walks readers through all the main phases of the proposal, highlighting the creative elements that link components to each other and unify the entire proposal.


The Only Grant-Writing Book You'll Ever Need: Top Grant Writers and Grant Givers Share Their Secrets
By: Ellen Karsh and Arlen Sue Fox

This book is designed to help nonprofit organizations craft proposals for grants from foundations, companies, and government agencies.

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Wining Foundation Grants: A Foundation CEO Reveals the Secrets You Need to Know

By: Martin Teitel

Reading The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Winning Foundation Grants is like peeking at someone's secret diary or personal email. You feel guilty. This is privileged information. Only in this case Martin Teitel WANTS to reveal everything to you. A long-time foundation CEO, he's fed up with the smoke and mirrors of grant seeking. As head of the Cedar Tree Foundation, Teitel dispensed tens of millions of dollars in grants. He knows the secrets, the preferred approaches, the red flags - and he wants you to know them, too. He's committed to leveling the playing field. What you have in Teitel's book are 188 pages of private information no one before has had to courage to reveal. It's like finding hundred dollar bills on the ground. You ask yourself: What did I do to deserve this good fortune?


Winning Grants Step by Step
By: Mim Carlson, Tori O'Neal-McElrath and The Alliance for Nonprofit Management

In the highly competitive arena of grantseeking, fundraisers need resources in order to win grants and fulfill their organization’s mission. This new, thoroughly updated edition of the bestseller offers a guide that any organization can use to secure funding from private foundations or the government. Filled with updated examples, this guide directs the novice grantseeker and offers a refresher course for experienced grantwriters. Following the process presented will improve anyone’s ability to transform an idea that needs support into a proposal that demands funding.  As part of the new Jossey-Bass Nonprofit Guidebook Series, Winning Grants has sold over 75,000 copies in its first two editions and has established itself as a leader in the grantseeking market.

Winning Strategies for Developing Proposals and Managing Grants, 3rd Edition
By: Thompson Publishing

This 3rd Edition has been completely updated and expanded to include information on how to write winning grant proposals and contains expert guidance on how to manage the grants you are awarded. From identifying sources of funding, to applying, and all the way to reporting and budgeting, this practical, how-to book is a comprehensive guide for grantseekers.

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Writing for a Good Cause: The Complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits
By: Joseph Barbato and Danielle Furlich

Filled with tips and survival skills from writers and fund-raising officers at nonprofits of all sizes, Writing for a Good Cause is the first book to explain how to use words well to win your cause the money it needs.

Writing Grant Proposals That Win (4th Edition)
By: Deborah Ward

Writing Grant Proposals That Win, Fourth Edition, Offers Step-By-Step Instructions And Clear Examples Of How To Write Winning Grant Proposals.


Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact
By: Dalya Massachi

Engage your readers and boost your impact! Do you write--a little or a lot--for a socially responsible organization, business, or program? Wish you had an accessible writing coach to help you quickly craft potent pieces that move your readers to act? This feisty one-stop-shop of distilled wisdom will show you-step by step-how to turbocharge your marketing and fundraising documents.


Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer
By: Roy Peter Clark

One of America's most influential writing teachers offers a toolbox from which writers of all kinds can draw practical inspiration.

Yours for the Asking: An Indispensable Guide to Fundraising and Management
By: Reynold Levy

"Ren Levy has written the definitive handbook on fundraising. It should be required reading for boards of directors and senior staff of nonprofit organizations. The lessons learned from Ren's broad experience are equally relevant to corporate executives as they endeavor to establish and strengthen customer relationships."
—Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo