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Firm or Organization: Ed-LBEX, Inc.

Service Area - state(s): North Carolina,Alabama,Idaho,Illinois,Mississippi,Ohio,Virginia,Arkansas,West Virginia,Pennsylvania,Wisconsin,Kentucky,Louisiana,Florida,Maryland,Tennessee,Georgia


Ed-LBEX: Helping Youth Become Even MORE Than They Can Be!

Ed-LBEX provides expert consulting assistance to facilitate public school reform & improve community services that assist at-risk youth. Our focus and services are successful across a variety of learner-centered efforts that help to build student achievement, parental and community involvement, and greater public support of our public schools! We specialize in grant funding & change efforts that:

  • Develop strong community & school partnerships
  • Increase student motivation through learning activities resulting in real-world product or service
  • Help students, teachers, and families integrate the academic curriculum with enrichment that is real-world, authentic, experiential multi-disciplinary learning
  • Build on place-based curriculum strategies to improve both student achievement & greater public support for public schools
  • Use Outside of School Time to help kids, families, schools, & communities
Our pool of hands-on educators, experienced in partnerships with public schools and steeped in the principles of community education as a bedrock foundation for effective school reform, are dedicated to providing meaningful assistance in:
  • Program Design & Development
  • Project Management
  • Program Implementation
  • Staff Development
  • Team Building
  • Evaluation Design & Assistance
  • Dissemination
  • Sustainability Development
  • Successful Grant-Seeking
Purpose of Services: To facilitate community-based public school reform through innovative programs leveraged with external grant funds in ways that:
  • Improve teaching and learning
  • Increase student achievement and motivation, especially among at-risk youth
  • Develop parental and community involvement, particularly with traditionally under-represented populations
  • Build greater public support for and appreciation of our public schools   
Ed-LBEX Services Offered

Organizational planning to:

  • Identify change effort leaders and an overall focus for educational reform, goals, needs, gaps in services, and a comprehensive strategic school reform and grant seeking plan
  • Develop an appropriate broad-based community collaboration and partnership with clear contributory roles 
Grants development assistance areas:
  • Project Planning (Developing Project Needs, Goals, Objectives, Outcomes, Implementation Strategies, Timeline, Evaluation Measures & Methods, Detailed Budget, Collaborative Commitments, & Supporting Documents)
  • Collaborative development, writing, & submitting of high quality, targeted, competitive grant proposals, proposal letters, & letters of support
  • Edit & improve drafts of grant proposals
  • Generate project ideas with supportive research references
  • Grants Prospect Research: identify possible funding sources, examine funding requirements, & recommend likely funding pursuits
  • Sustainability strategies & overall resource development
  • Program implementation, including progress reports, budget execution, visibility, & funder reporting requirements
  • Program administration, management, and/or Project Director duties
  • Qualitative & quantitative summative & formative evaluation
  • Customized on-site training in: Proposal Development & Writing, Locating Funding, Grants Management, & Community Collaboration
For more information, contact Ed-LBEX Executive Director, Dr. Bricca Prestridge Sweet, or via cell phone, 828-964-8406.



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